How to Completely Delete Device Records From Intune in 2024

With the introduction of Microsoft Entra (yay another portal), we have been blessed by Microsoft themselves with another step that needs to be taken in order to fully delete a device from our tenant. I'll quickly go over the steps you need to take (in order) to delete any Windows device record properly.

There are two records that need to be deleted from Intune itself.

  1. From the side panel, select Devices -> Under By platform select Windows.
    image of side panel in intune with devices to windows buttons highlighted

Now search for your device in the search bar, click on that device, and in the device view, select Delete and delete that record.

image of device view with delete button highlighted

  1. From the side panel, select Devices -> Under Device enrollment select Enroll devices -> Under Windows Autopilot select Devices.
    image of side panel in intune with devices to enroll devices buttons highlighted
    image of enroll devices window with devices panel highlighted

Now search for your device's serial number using the search bar again, select the check box next to the device serial number listing, and select Delete once the device is selected.

image of device selection checkbox highlighted and delete button highlighted in intune

That should be all you need to do here. Now on to the last record to delete.

There is one record to delete in this portal.

From the left-side panel, click on the Identity dropdown -> click on the Devices dropdown -> select All devices.

image of entra side panel with specific dropdowns opened

Now search for your device from this windows. Click on your device to go to the device view, and select Delete at the top of the page (Entra will not let you delete this record unless the device has been deleted from Intune first!!!).

Now you that device should be released from Microsoft's grasp. If you need to re-enroll the device in the future, there should be no issues that pop up related to existing device records.